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  • Google App Engine SDK 1.5.1

    Google App Engine enables developers to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power our own applications. No assembly required.
  • Google Search Engine Widget 2.1

    Google Search Engine Widget 2.1is considered as a handy, supportive as well as reliableGoogle search engin Widget for Yahoo Widget. Access Google
  • Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance 2.1.4

    Display all Google services as buttons or as a space-saving dropdown menu next to your address bar. Reach services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google
  • Google Dictionary and Google Translate 1.6.1

    The extension brings two functionalities to your Firefox browser: * in-line translation of words; * translation of the whole page. In-line
  • Google Transliteration-Formerly Google Indic Transliteration 1.0.6

    Google Indic Transliteration(Powered by Google Language API). Adds Google's Transliteration functionality to text area and input boxes. Compatible
  • IMS Web Engine 1.86

    IMS Web Engine is a professional authoring tool for the creation of advanced interactive and animated web sites that make full use of Dynamic HTML and
  • Engine Of War

    Engine of War is a mix of action and simulation. Fight zombies and design electric circuits in this brand new action/simulation game. Blow up
  • C-Pen OCR Engine

    C-Pen Core will install without the ABBYY FineReader Engine to allow quicker updates in the future. If the ABBYY FineReader Engine from a previous
  • XDB Engine 1.0

    XDB Engine implements object oriented database kernel which may completely customized and extended with random number of additional drivers that
  • BT Engine 5.07

    The handy assistant tool of bit torrent is BT Engine that is set for BitTorrent download optimization. It usage enables bit torrent to find more
  • USL XML Engine 1.4

    Urry Software Lab XML engine is rapid web development tool, designed for parsing data from xml files and including it into different HTML templates.
  • X SMS Engine 4.1

    X SMS Engine is Active X Component (OCX) for Windows, to send and receive SMS messages (GSM Modem). Support USSD & Long SMS/Concatenated
  • The SEO Engine 1.0

    Adds a Link entitled 'SEO Score' underneath each search result on all major Search Engines, which leads you directly into the belly of the Search
  • ED Engine 0.8999

    ED Engine is an online File Manager and a modular css-based wiki/cms. Content and site admins can publish and organize Multimedia content in a very
  • The War Engine 1.0

    The War Engine is a miniatures-based, strategy/tactical game with the emphasis on planning and execution. Through deceivingly simple game play,
  • Google Map 1.3

    The Google Map widget for Opera displays maps and directions for a location using Google Maps The Google Map Opera widget shows Google map and
  • Google.mE 12.08.2009 Alph

    Manage your Google services with this tool. Manage your Google services with this tool. Google.mE is a Java based project designed to enable
  • Google It! 1.4.0

    Google It! Search on Google from any program! Google It! is a simple, unobtrusive widget used to search the content of your clipboard automatically
  • 0.1

    This Widget uses Google to search the Web, and
  • Go To Google 0.15

    Displays Google's icon on Firefox's status bar; when you click it will load homepage in a new
  • Google 1.0

    With this widget, You can search Google for over 8,168,684,336 web pages right from your desktop. It is very convenient and easy to use. For more
  • Google UK 1.0

    Search through - England and the
  • Your Google 1.3

    This Google Search Bar allows you to customize the logo and the logo Link in the displayed result PaGE. If you click on the Widget's Google Icon,
  • Google Ads 1.0

    This is a script for
  • FTP Client Engine for C/C++ 3.4.1

    FTP client component library for C/C++ provides direct and simple control of the FTP protocol from a C/C++ application program. The FTP Client Library
  • Verification Engine 2.1.0

    VerificationEngine (VE) is an innovative, free multi-browser anti-phishing and identity assurance tool to help consumers achieve a new level of online
  • Components Engine

    Software for the creation of spare parts catalogue and interactive spares parts. The editor of Components Engine defines the future of the software
  • Speech Engine DLL SDK 5.01

    Start recognizing voice commands in any spoken language with Research-Lab's Isolated Words Language- Independent Speech Recognition Engine. From
  • Zoom Engine 1.0

    Zoom Engine is a Photoshop-compatible plugin for enlarging images. Easy to use and with a great versatility, it is able to handle a wide range of
  • AntiSpam Engine 2.1

    Spam wastes time, clogs mail servers, and is very difficult to get rid of. All mailboxes today are constantly flooded with SPAM - unwanted advertising
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  • Google App Engine SDK 1.5.1

    google app engine enables developers to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power our own applications. No assembly required. google app engine exposes a fully-integrated development
  • 007 Google PageRank Checker 1.0

    google PageRank Checker is free software that checks google pagerank of one website or many websites. It will automatically access many google search engine datacenter to query pagerank, Embed in many google datacenter
  • osCMax Cart Google Base Data Feed 3.0

    osCMax Cart contribution which would help you export easy your products into google Base engine. The main benefits for content providers are threefold: Popularity: google Base is one of the most popular product search
  • x-Cart Google SiteMap 3.6.9

    This X Cart Mod Generates google Sitemap, a MUST HAVE for search engine optimization for google. google Sitemap is a must have for most stores - greatly helps to get better Search engine Rankings and therefore increase
  • ASP/.NET Google Base Export 3.0

    COM object, which would help you export easy your products into Goole Base engine. The main benefits for content providers are threefold: Popularity: google Base is one of the most popular product search engine from
  • 3.4,Fusion,Ware,Screen Saver. MSN - Yahoo top 10 website ranking - google website ranking - Software Submission Service,google website ranking, website ranking, top 10 ranking, yahoo ranking, google
  • Second Search 0.6.2010120901

    Second Search provides a feature to search by other engines directly, without switching the engine of the web-search bar (a small textbox on the right edge of the toolbar.) In the web-search bar, press the Up key or
  • Jvw Google rank and pagerank finder 1.0

    A free search engine optimization software. A free search engine optimization software by Jvw at Jvw google rank/Pagerank finder software - Notifies your Site ranking, Pagerank and more... This
  • EaseSearch 1.0

    EaseSearch is a free search engine using google web api, it is application. The result list comes from google's cache. You can custom the search format,develop your own search
  • Google Rank Checker 1.0

    google Web Search Position Checker Tool. google Web Search Position Checker Tool. google Rank Checker is a professional and reliable application designed to track keywords performance, position changes and trends in
  • Site Seeker 2.2.1

    Do you have a Web Site and do you want to know how is it positioned on search engines? Do you want to know for which researches your site is in the first positions and where you need to improve your visibility, instead ?
  • Rapid SiteMaps 2.1

    The google Search engine has released a new service allowing webmasters to submit a complete list of all the pages on their sites for inclusion in google's index. They call it google Sitemaps (Beta). Simply put, you
  • Internet Business Promoter (IBP) 12.2.12

    IBP is the only SEO software program that guarantees you top 10 google rankings - or money back. Tools included: search engine submitter, ranking checker, link builder, keyword analysis and research tool, website
  • GoogImager 0.9

    Advanced Image Search with google search engine. GoogImager - a small FREEWARE utility for making a query to the google Image Search using parameters of google Advanced Search and some exclusive parameters. You can: use
  • Free Monitor for Google

    Want to get more visitors for your website, but don't have any money for search engine placement tools? No problem. With Free Monitor for google 2.0 you can do it yourself. google is world's leading search
  • OGL Explorer 1.0.4

    Today, let???s display some data, some search results for example, on a little unusual graphical component. First of all, search the data ??? Where ? On some well known search engine, such as google or Bing. For google,
  • tirokea Search Box 1.0

    Search Box simplifies the way you search on google Chrome. The extension adds a search button on the toolbar that simulates the search box that normally found on other web browsers such as Firefox, Safari and IE. You can
  • Custom Google Search 1.1.2

    Create and use your own google Custom Search engines right within Firefox. You decide which websites to remove and which to Boost. Add refinements that rewrite or redirect your searches with a single click and integrate
  • Google Link Text Tool 1.0

    This tool returns the text of all backlings that are linking to a URL that you specify. It also shows you the URLs of alllinks to your site (according to google). This is accomplished using a free google API account
  • Truly Bulgarian 1.31

    Replaces the logo of and with one that has the Bulgarian flag and coat of arms on it. The main goal is to allow the users to have control on the appearance of the most famous search
  • Google translate Persian / English 1.1

    By using this addon, two new search engines will be added in your search-box at the top-right. The new search engines are nothing but google Translate service. First one is any language to English and second one is any
  • OnTranslator Portable 1.0.126

    OnTranslator is a free desktop translating tool that makes use of the powerful google engine to provide you with instant translations. OnTranslator Features Inline translations google Translate engine 50+
  • site Header Editor

    Site Header Editor. Tools to modify the headers that browsers send to the web server. By using filters or URL on the domain level and control the headers sent. Site Header Editor, is a sophisticated tool for anyone who
  • Google Shopping List 0.2

    Search save and compare shopping results from google, eBay and Amazon GUARANTEEING the very best deals available. NEVER BUY ANYTHING until you're ABSOLUTELY, CATEGORICALLY, POSITIVE you've got the VERY Best Deal
  • gTrans - Google Translator Interface 2009 4.0

    gTrans - google Translator Interface 2009 4.0  is a unique and extremely powerful tool. It is actually a multilingual translation interface, that uses the google Translation engine. A powerful, non-invasive and easy
  • Google alerter

    This extension allows for easy alert of unread items at various google services. Currently supported is Gmail, google Reader, google Wave and google Voice. google apps support is coming in the near
  • Remove Google Sidebar 3.1.4

    This will remove / hide google's left side bar (also know as the "Everything" bar or "google Options") that appears after a search reverting to the classic look. There is nothing extra added to this extension
  • Contents Spider Jeanie 2009 Multi

    CHRISTMAS OFFER! 35 % OF google Url Extract and Url Spider Jeanie Pro ============================================= google Url Extract and Url Spider Jeanie Pro the perfect tool. google Url Extract the perfect tool for
  • GoogImager Browser 1.0

    Small Internet Browser for Image Search Small Internet Browser for Advanced Image Search with google search engine. You can perform Image Search more easily and comfortable using this tiny browser and powerest search
  • Google Search Bar 1

    google Search Bar 1 is designed to be a helpful utility which lets you search google for images or Web pages. Requirements: Windows 2000/XP Yahoo Widgets