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  • TweakGDS 1.1

    You can use TweakGDS for tweaking the search indexing engine of google desktop. Its major features are it is capable of moving your google desktop search index and change those drives or subfolders that are indexed; you
  • Chrome Stamina -

    Chrome Stamina speeds access to most popular google services by use magic words on address bar. Types of "staminas" (protocols) and options: * search: universal search protocol * scholar: search academic
  • Halftone Search for Google Desktop 1.5.0

    google desktop is a free tool available for download from the google web site. This powerful instrument is intended as a cross-platform solution that enables you to make searches on your local PC the same way as you
  • gSearch for Pokki 1.0

    Quickly perform secure google searches from your desktop. Quickly perform secure google searches from your desktop. gsearch for Pokki is a small application that allows you to easily perform a new secure search on
  • Google Desktop SDK 1.0

    google desktop SDK can integrate google desktop with your own applications.You can also extend your applications to include a google desktop search box and search results. You can also write SideBar plug-ins to: *
  • Google Desktop Search -

    google desktop gives you easy access to information on your computer and from the web. It's a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, computer files, music, photos, chats and web pages
  • Google Desktop Enterprise Edition 2.0

    google desktop search Enterprise Edition helps you easily manage the ever-growing mountain of information google desktop search Enterprise Edition is a useful program which helps you to easily manage the ever-growing
  • DNKA 0.49

    DNKA - search tool for remote computer. It acts as a web server (search server) by interacting as a layer between google desktop search (GDS) and user. And allow other users to search, view and download your files,
  • Slicksync Google Desktop Synchronizer Basic 1.0

    Synchronize google desktop An application that will help you synchronize google desktop Slicksync google desktop Synchronizer Basic is a very easy-to-use application that can help you synchronize your google desktop
  • GoogleTAB 1.0

    Support ZYARI by using googleTAB to quickly do google searches from your Windows desktop. googleTAB is always available, hidden out of the way just beyond the right side of your computer screen. When your ready to
  • Extended Search for Google Desktop 1.0.2

    Extended search for google desktop is a search-Protocol application which uses google desktop as a backend and integrates into Windows Vista SP1. It is also possible to run it as a standalone application on other Windows
  • FilePoint for Palm OS 4.0

    Find it! Quickly find and download important documents to your handheld wherever you are Collaborate! Upload and share important documents and other files with co-workers, clients and customers Tunes! Download
  • WinAmp Control for Google Desktop 1.3

    google Winamp Control is one of the thousands of gadgets available for the google desktop search application. But what are the gadgets anyway? The gadgets are plug-in components that enrich your desktop experience and
  • Custom Google Search 1.1.2

    Create and use your own google Custom search Engines right within Firefox. You decide which websites to remove and which to Boost. Add refinements that rewrite or redirect your searches with a single click and integrate
  • Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS 1.01

    The product indexes your ICQ history with google desktop search thus enabling you to use amazingly powerful search facilities GDS provides. You can search files, documents, mails and now ICQ chats within the same
  • EZ Backup Google Desktop Basic 6.35

    Backup google desktop with EZ Backup! EZ Backup google desktop Basic makes it easy to backup your google desktop search index and gadgets to any local, network or removable drive. The application creates a
  • EZ Backup Google Desktop Pro 6.35

    Backup your google desktop with EZ Backup! EZ Backup google desktop Pro makes it easy to backup your google desktop search index and gadgets to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!
  • FunBrowser for Google 3.1

    While other browsers offer only Paid search Results, AvantPlus now offers FunBrowser-google Edition. The new FunBrowser has only google In-Interface search, Quick access to google News, search, Image search, google
  • Google Deskbar 0.5.67 Beta

    google Deskbar enables you to search with google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Installs easily in your Windows taskbar. Key Features: search using google, even when your
  • ThumbFall 1.04

    An Adobe AIR based image search application ThumbFall is a useful application that will enable you to search images using the Yahoo! and google search engines and wil ldisplay them like falling leaves on your
  • Google translate Persian / English 1.1

    By using this addon, two new search engines will be added in your search-box at the top-right. The new search engines are nothing but google Translate service. First one is any language to English and second one is any
  • Google It! 1.4.0

    google It! search on google from any program! google It! is a simple, unobtrusive widget used to search the content of your clipboard automatically on google. It's a snap to setup and works on Windows Vista and XP
  • Google + Twitter mashup 1.2.0

    This extension mashes twitter search results into the google results PaGE (replacing the PAID adverts). When you perform a search on one of the google domains (e.g. or it replaces the sidebar
  • SkyTeam Image Search 1.3

    google Image is an extension for google Chrome. It helps to search for images in google. Using google search API. Version 1.2: Using Tab, Automatically show all results at
  • SkyTeam Book Search 1.4

    google Book is an extension for google Chrome. It helps to do google search in books. Using google search API. Version 1.3: Using Tab , Automatically show all results at
  • Presto Transfer Google Desktop 3.32

    Presto Transfer google desktop is an application designed to help automate the transferral of your google desktop search index and gadgets from one computer to another. Once installed Presto Transfer google desktop's
  • Hide Google Options 1.0.3

    Hide google Options lets you turn on and off the left-hand column of search options if your search results pages have a permanent three-column display. google is testing a three-column search user interface, and for a
  • Google Icon Installer 1.2

    If you use google on a regular basis, you will absolutely love the google Icon Installer. What does it do? It just puts a google Icon on your desktop in the form of an Internet desktop Shortcut that when clicked, takes
  • GoogImager 0.9

    Advanced Image search with google search engine. GoogImager - a small FREEWARE utility for making a query to the google Image search using parameters of google Advanced search and some exclusive parameters. You can: use
  • Web Searcher 1.1

    Free program to search in google or MSN for keywords. This tool enables you to extract links and titles from search Engines (google, MSN) and get the position (rank) of each URL in search results. You can check the