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  • Google Drive 1.6.3837.2778

    Google Drive is everywhere you are???on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just...there. Ready to
  • Google Shortcuts - All Google Services at a glance 2.1.4

    Display all Google services as buttons or as a space-saving dropdown menu next to your address bar. Reach services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google
  • Google Dictionary and Google Translate 1.6.1

    The extension brings two functionalities to your Firefox browser: * in-line translation of words; * translation of the whole page. In-line
  • Google Transliteration-Formerly Google Indic Transliteration 1.0.6

    Google Indic Transliteration(Powered by Google Language API). Adds Google's Transliteration functionality to text area and input boxes. Compatible
  • Drive 3.01

    Drive is a great Windows-based, full-featured pop-up drive browser, virtual drive creator, CD autorunner, and much more. You are able to get a fast
  • Drive Bar 2.2

    The handy program Drive Bar lets you open the views of your hard drives in Windows Explorer. It shows you all available drives icons and you just
  • Drive-in

    Using Drive-in you can create an image of a DVD disc on your laptop or home entertainment system. The image preserves the quality, navigation and
  • Dr. Drive Pro 1.0

    Best Program for the restoration of your CD/DVD/BlueRay-ROM drive. If you write information on the disc were appearing errors or other bugs, it is the
  • TDP Drive X-Ray

    x-Ray can display contents of selected location in two modes proportional and top-ten. The size of slice in proportional mode is relative to all other
  • Map Drive 98 2.0.6

    Map Drive 98 can check availability and chart drive of another computer. This program is very match if you want to others people doesnt know if you
  • Drive-Thru 2012.7

    Manage your hard drive and other storage
  • A Bug's Drive 1.0

    You race against other Bugs, across 12 tracks. Finish in the top 3 to unlock a harder Championship. Improve your lap time in Practice Mode by racing
  • Drive Health 2.5.194

    - A program for monitoring the hard drive (or drives, if more than one). Using S.M.A.R.T technology it controls all of the available parameters:
  • Hide Drive 1.5.1

    Hide Drive is a Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP utility that will allow you to hide one or more drive letters such as D:, E:, etc.. The drive letter will not
  • R-Drive Image 4.7 build 4738

    R-Drive Image is a potent utility providing disk image files creation for backup or duplication purposes. A disk image file contains the exact,
  • REMOTE DRiVE 1.0

    Easy administrative access any computer (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS) over the parallel or the serial cable connection. Run included User Manager, CHKDSK, CIA
  • Drive Vaccine PC 6.0

    you can reboot, restore and access a trouble-free computer with Drive Vaccine software. It is designed for those organizations that demands best
  • Drive Washer 2.1.2

    Drive Washer will permanently render all of your data unrecoverable by any software means. Remove data from hard drives when disposing or selling a
  • Drive Vaccine Mac OSX 10

    Drive Vaccine® is the first Desktop Security solution to provide cross-platform protection of both PC and Mac workstations. Regardless of what any
  • Deer Drive 1.52

    Deer Drive is an arcade-style 3D deer hunting game. In this game herd of deer are driven into your sights, and you have to shoot them that?s why you
  • UFOrce Drive 1.0

    Go on a Cosmo drive on a flying saucer! Fly away from the reality. Prepare to be amazed with 8 superior games with 3 skill levels. Become Master of
  • Yerevan Drive 1.1

    The first Armenian 3D game is already on sale. This is a rally in Yerevan streets. Even the menu and music of the Yerevan Drive are in Armenian. The
  • USB Drive Restore

    USB Pen Drive deleted data retrieval software retrieves corrupted files folders of different removable medias such as thumb drive, sD, mini pen drive,
  • InfoSpace Drive 1.5

    If you own one or several massive hard drives functioning for a while, then you have definitely experienced the painstaking tasks to trace audio,
  • NT Drive Recovery 1.3

    It is often the case where people faced problem when they've format their hard disk and found that they've got important data on it. Hard drive data
  • Hive Drive 2.0

    Hive Drive is an exciting game with vivid graphics, funny sound and a taste of honey. Use your brain and move your fingers to prove yourself who is
  • USB Drive AntiVirus 3.02

    USB Drive Antivirus provides 100% antivirus protection against any viruses trying to attack via removable media.When an USB device is inserted into
  • Drive shredder

    Data wiper software wipes used or unused memory space from your computer hard disk drive or USB removable media drives and maintains computer privacy.
  • Drive Clone 2009

    Drive Clone has been so named because it will help you to back up your entire Hard drive. Backing up your data on a regular basis is very important,
  • USB Drive Monitor

    The USB Drive Monitor is designed to be used in many different ways. It enables your USB Drive to be used as an Access Key to your PC without having
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  • Google Drive 1.6.3837.2778

    google drive is everywhere you are???on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just...there. Ready to go, ready to share. Get started with 5 GB free. google drive is
  • HDDlife plugin for Google Desktop 3.0.146

    Not long time ago, google presented their google Desktop system. This freeware package builds a searchable index of your local files and enables you to search through them as you normally search for pages in google.
  • KumoSync 1.2.1

    KumoSync is a Windows application used to synchronize local windows and files/Folders with google Documents. You can sync ANY document/file format. KumoSync will automatically track your changes in google Documents
  • Gmail Docs Backup 1.01

    Backing up your google Docs is now fast and simple. Download your documents to a local directory or Amazon S3. You'll never have to worry about accessing documents and presentations during internet downtime.This product
  • Google alerter

    This extension allows for easy alert of unread items at various google services. Currently supported is Gmail, google Reader, google Wave and google Voice. google Apps support is coming in the near
  • Remove Google Sidebar 3.1.4

    This will remove / hide google's left side bar (also know as the "Everything" bar or "google Options") that appears after a search reverting to the classic look. There is nothing extra added to this extension
  • Google Password Decryptor 3.1

    googlePasswordDecryptor is a lightweight tool that gives you the possibility of retrieving lost or forgotten passwords from various google applications, such as Gtalk and Picasa. Since installation is not a
  • Slicksync Google Desktop Synchronizer Basic 1.0

    Synchronize google Desktop An application that will help you synchronize google Desktop Slicksync google Desktop Synchronizer Basic is a very easy-to-use application that can help you synchronize your google Desktop
  • Chrome Backup 2011

    Chrome Backup 2011 is an automated all-in-one backup tool that can backup your google Chrome profile instantly. Backup for Chrome allows you to backup Chrome to your hard drive or even to Dropbox or an FTP server.
  • Google Autologin 1.1

    A simple script to automatically press -submit- on a google login page if the fields are autofilled by the browser A simple script to automatically press "submit" on a google login page if the fields are autofilled by
  • Google Data API SDK

    The google Data APIs (GData) provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web. Each of the following google services provides a google data API: Base Blogger Calendar Calendar Resource Code
  • GoogleClean 3.0s

    With googleClean you can avert unwanted personal information by google applications i.e. Chrome, google Toolbar, google Desktop, google Earth and Picasa, etc. It make anonymous user IDs and removes the personal data
  • Agileto 1.0

    Agileto is a desktop application that allows you to optimize your 3G network. It has powerful analyses, process automation, simple installation and monthly leasing, which enables you plan your network better, faster and
  • PowerGDocs 1.5.0

    PowerGDocs - A Gateway to google Docs - Presentation Transcript. It provides an easy interface from your Windows OS to google Documents . It lets users easily download documents and upload files or entire Folders
  • EZ Backup Google Desktop Basic 6.35

    Backup google Desktop with EZ Backup! EZ Backup google Desktop Basic makes it easy to backup your google Desktop search index and gadgets to any local, network or removable drive. The application creates a
  • EZ Backup Google Desktop Pro 6.35

    Backup your google Desktop with EZ Backup! EZ Backup google Desktop Pro makes it easy to backup your google Desktop search index and gadgets to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!
  • Free Google Books Downloader for Mac 2.3.8

    google Book Search now has thousands of classic books online for you can read cover to cover. google Book Downloader, as its name suggests, allows you to download these for reading at your offline pleasure. This Free
  • EZ Backup Google Chrome Pro 6.29

    Now you can nit easily make backups of your google Chrome bookmarks and settings to a local drive, but can also to network folder, CD/DVD and to a remote FTP server by using handy software EZ Backup google Chrome Pro. It
  • Syncdocs 1.35.5591.1555

    Syncdocs syncs folders between all your PCs and google Docs. Simply use google as a your network G drive. elect a folder on your PC, like «My Documents». Syncdocs copies this folder online and then keeps it in sync
  • Google Deskbar 0.5.67 Beta

    google Deskbar enables you to search with google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Installs easily in your Windows taskbar. Key Features: Search using google, even when your
  • Google.mE 12.08.2009 Alph

    Manage your google services with this tool. Manage your google services with this tool. google.mE is a Java based project designed to enable users to sync with all their online google web applications like Picasa,
  • Google It! 1.4.0

    google It! Search on google from any program! google It! is a simple, unobtrusive widget used to search the content of your clipboard automatically on google. It's a snap to setup and works on Windows Vista and XP
  • Presto Transfer Google Desktop 3.32

    Presto Transfer google Desktop is an application designed to help automate the transferral of your google Desktop search index and gadgets from one computer to another. Once installed Presto Transfer google Desktop's
  • SkyTeam Image Search 1.3

    google Image is an extension for google Chrome. It helps to search for images in google. Using google Search API. Version 1.2: Using Tab, Automatically show all results at
  • SkyTeam Book Search 1.4

    google Book is an extension for google Chrome. It helps to do google Search in books. Using google search API. Version 1.3: Using Tab , Automatically show all results at
  • Clean Google 1.1

    If I'm going to, I'm going there for one reason and one reason only, and that's search. I don't want anything else in my way. This extension removes the Default fade in effect on google's homepage
  • BatchDownload 1.2.5

    The handy software application BatchDownload makes downloading of images very fast and easy. You will find it handy if you are going to download following URLs:
  • Google Reader Fresh Air 1.0.1

    google Reader Fresh Air makes google Reader simpler, more Readable, and more attractive The google Reader Fresh Air theme builds upon google re-reader[1] to create a much more readable, usable, and simple google
  • EZ Backup Google Chrome Basic 6.29

    EZ Backup google Chrome Basic is used for making backups of bookmarks and settings of google Chrome to any local, network or removable drive. It works by creating a self-restoring backup archive that contains a wizard
  • Google Maps for Mobile 2.0

    google Maps is a basically a web mapping service application and technology that is provided by google for mobile devices. This application powers many map-based services, including the google Maps website, google Ride